Project: High-potential Employees - Recognizing and Nurturing


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Action taken



Large bank



Existing selection procedure of high-potential employees causes the following problems:
- Insufficient acceptance of selected candidates
- High level of demotivation in those negatively evaluated (loser complex)
- Too few candidates for the target position



Continual development of reservoir of high-potential employees.


- Integration of management level in definition of requirement profiles and selection

- All steps of the process are oriented towards required results for the company (including integration of project tasks in the nurturing process)

- Focus on observing ability to learn (multiple evaluations over time). Selection and development over a longer period (about one year, accompanied by continual feedback)

- Increased responsibility of the candidate in the nurturing process by means of active involvement (e.g. by independent search for a mentor)
- Wider data pool ensures more accurate decision

- Selected candidates are accepted by the management level

- The potential candidates' ability to learn ensures the company's flexibility for the future

- The insight of the candidates into their abilities and limits is considerably increased by this process



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