Consultant profile: Irmgard GŁnther, Ph. D.


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Irmgard GŁnther, Ph. D.




Basic training:


Graduate in psychology, University of Munich
Subjects: psychoanalytic therapy, social psychology, attitude change


Ph.D., FU Berlin
Subject: relationship between perpetrator and victim using the example of hostage taking


Main qualification focus:


NLP practitioner,
Provocative style,
Systemic interventions

Employment history:


1973 - 1985

Managing partner of FORUM Z, psychological consultancy for companies and public authorities in Ottersberg-Fischerhude near Bremen

1986 - 1993

Project manager at FORUM Z



Foundation of lean-consult organizational-psychological consultancy



Foundation of partner company GHS-Partner organizational-psychological consultancy


Topics and projects:


Management training: analysis, conception, and implementation


Team development and mediation


Executive coaching


Assessment procedures


Controlling in personnel development


Irmgard GŁnther, Ph. D.


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